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Welcome to our unique villa in Kefalonia. A rentable oasis in the garden of Edem, that is Palm Mansion in Agia Efimia. Palm House is a unique, luxurious villa, ideally situated in the heart of the bustling harbour of Agia Efimia. The property is a true oasis of calm and privacy in all its aspects. This renowned Venetian mansion of Kefalonia provides all modern amenities in a high-ceiling minimalistic interior, balcony overlooking the harbour, and a private terrace with its own swimming pool.

Our Villa


It is rare to find such quality accommodation in the centre of things. All the areas are spacious and comfortable, with luxurious modern aesthetics. Once you find yourselves in this landmark mansion, time and place seem to fade and intensify at the same time.

Agia Efimia


The sensational sea and harbor views from all the frontal and side windows of the house, create one sole serene impression throughout the villa: being on the front deck of a ship, cruising the turquoise sapphire waters of one of the most picturesque harbors in the Mediterranean. As effortless as it is to feel part of this vibrant scenery of sails and strolling passerby, completely zoning out is just as easy.

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